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Why new generation of HPC algorithms are needed for Mass Spectrometry based omics - Part 1

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Everyone you talk to will tell you that database search algorithms for proteomics are embarrassingly parallel problem - and is easy to solve. You just need to distribute your data on multiple nodes, and you will get excellent parallelization and scalable solutions. This ideal scenairo of scalabililty with the introduction of few pragmas does not go far.

First blog post

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This is my first blog post. This blog is going to be used for science communication, and all the cool sciency things that I can think of. Part of this blog is to post things that are related to our papers; other things are ideas that need to be floated and discussed; ofcoures my favourite part is to push scientific theories, and agendas that I will like to puruse So there it is. Stay tuned and hopefully I will write something useful.